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SMI is India's first stock market institute where experts train students about the intricacies of involving in Stock Markets with using several techniques such as live trading etc. These experts, with their vast experience and acumen on the happenings in the market, impart knowledge to our students with real time examples.

Our students are provided with state of the art online trading software (developed by SMI) to experience the thrill of live online trading. This helps them create and manage their own portfolio, apply concepts & much more. Students are also trained via live screens through their own DEMAT accounts provided by the institute. SMI offers industry requisite courses, which largely benefits students as well as working professionals in choosing, exploring, and propelling their careers in the financial industry. Our courses are specifically designed for students, working professionals, housewives, and retired personnel.

Our Team


B. Deepak Kumar

Program Director, Stock Market Institute

Kishore B.S

Program Director, Stock Market Institute (E-Market)

Rishab Jain

Center Head, Dickenson Road Branch