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Passion Connect is a venture to help students, live their passion. We invest significant time & resources in the creation of a comprehensive research based tool necessary to draw actionable insights of a student. Our 360-degree program has a full approach to guide & help an individual in their career aspirations & aims at bridging the gap between an individual’s aspirations and their thoughts by being their passion coach. At Passion Connect we would like to inspire youngsters to live their passion. Most of end up seeking advice from others in the family, get influenced by friends or end up taking neighbor’s advice. Often confused and due to peer pressure; we end up taking the wrong decisions and get into a field that we are not passionate about.

We build peer & mentor networks and pioneer passion tests that enable independent thinking & decision-making. We help individuals of all age groups in discovery, counseling, mentoring and developing the self. Our model is to engage with a student in a manner that serves to enhance their long term potential and allows them to build on the recommendations.

Our Team


Karthik Kittu

CEO of Passion Connect.

Shubham Deva

CTO & Chief Product Architect of Passion Connect.