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Welcome to Basket Option

About Us
We believe in the philosophy of changing games. We pride ourselves in doing things differently breaking existing pain points & various other such business barriers in the areas we venture into. We are known for disruptive thinking and action. We believe that every industry, area or vertical can be unique in its offerings and services irrespective of the competition.

Our Approach
We have confidence in the rationality of evolving businesses. We highly esteem doing things breaking existing torment, focus and foster other business’s hindrances into profitable regions we wander in. We are known for development of businesses and on the same course cultivate entrepreneurs. We trust that each industry, region or vertical and importantly people involved in it as all can be novel in their offerings and administrations regardless of the opposition.

Entrepreneurial approach
Each entrepreneur and in some cases, few of them, run each vertical. This ensures that there is highest degree of focus and involvement in each vertical. Each vertical have functional experts with relevant skills, thereby focusing on the quality of products/service & its delivery.

The focus clearly is on innovation and every team member of Basket Option knows and works with a vision to create history, to create an organization which will be trusted and relied on for generations to come. We are on the path to create a one stop shop for the customer for all the needs that he might have throughout his lifespan.

Intrapreneur approach
Not everybody wants to be an independent entrepreneur. There are several who prefer to work in an organization. The Intrapreneur approach is to encourage and make optimum use of their skills and help them build their career and reach goals. This model exposes the individual to the larger aspect of business and helps in transforming the person from being just an employee to look at himself as an achiever, an intrapreneur within the organization. Intrapreneur is allowed to be at his best without getting involved in areas that are not his passion or strength. Not everyone has to risk going solo but with basket option‘s model and structure they can play on their strengths.

What we are proud of
Our determination is to ensure that every single customer is happy with our service. Thus the CEO himself holds the crucial post of Customer Care Executive. Every transaction is viewed and monitored by him and the CEO- desk team, who exclusively work on this. The group boosts of 10,000+ retail customers across segments and 220+ corporate clients. The group’s philanthropic purpose and goal is deep rooted. 50% of the group’s profits go towards educating the under-privileged children by helping run free schools.