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About Basket Option

Basket Option Pvt Ltd is a JGI ventures initiative started in 2005 with a vision to bring transparency, accountability and with quality services in the business we operate.

Our Team

Our strength our bandwidth, spanning the market, best of people, best of ideas and best of innovation


We love to engage with people interested in what we do.

Our Portfolio Companies

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    Stock Market Institute

    At SMI, industry experts teach an individual all that is required to earn money from the Stock Markets..
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    Claims Express

    Claims express is an initiative to bridge the gap between perceived notion that claims are never settled..
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    Red Lounge

    Red Lounge is a value investing organization aiming at helping clients achieve Financial Freedom by..
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    Passion Connect

    We help individuals of all age groups Discovery, Counselling, Mentoring and Developing the self..

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    Real World

    Real Returns comes out of Real Investments;so does Real happiness and the actual happiness comes out..
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    Loan Basket

    As the name says we are the one who can get you any form of loan, it may be personal, business, housing..
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    Interactive Digital Marketing

    Marketing is the most vital part in the formula of business. It lives inside..
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    52 Week High

    When it comes to investing, nothing can pay off more than doing the..
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    Bull Street

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    We believe in Building Skills, Building India...
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    When it comes to investing, nothing can pay off more than doing the..
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    Its a CSR arm of Basket Option, focused towards betterment of society and women...
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    My Health Chekup

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    Street Smarts

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Why Choose Basket Option

Each vertical at Basket Option is headed by an entrepreneur, who is the owner of that business unit, so each business owner comes with innovation and new ideas to keep the customers happy, we go extra mile to see through that our customers get what they want.
Basket Option has always been looking at gaps in businesses and services, we have been the first movers in addressing the gaps, which can be with services like Claimsexpress, which filled up gap of getting claims for any form of Insurance or even Stock Market Institute, which filled the gap between the theoretical and practical world of stock markets and finance, like wise there are more such services which have created a history.
We at Basket Option give you all the comfort and luxury of choosing products that you want, as our name says we give varied options for an individuals to choose from, at the same time we go one more step forward and educate a customer on benefits and shortfalls of a product or services, which helps them in choosing what they want the right way.
Team at Basket Option is mix of stalwarts and younger generation, where aggressiveness and subject matter expertise go hand in hand, we go ahead and launch one of its kind services which is backed by throw research and implementation by the specialists in the respective domains.

CEO's Message

  • Our determination is to ensure that every single customer is happy with our service. I myself hold the critical post of a Customer care executive.

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    Basket Option Pvt Ltd